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Guaranteed Profit From Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate Junktion Review

Well it's fair to say I was skeptical going into this, first that I would ever be able to earn $150 per day in commissions from any affiliate program (judging from my experiences with clickbank products), and second that they would honor their guarantee. It seems like a massive claim to pay someone $150 per day for 3 hours per week, if they're failing to do it. Product confidence or the dreaded scam? Well I chose to believe that it was product confidence and this is my experience.

First of all I thought I would do some research to find out how steadfast their guarantee actually was. The first part of this was to check their terms and conditions. I was amazed to see that in fact the guarantee is offered under New Zealand law. I am a New Zealander myself so was extremely interested to see this. For those of you who don't know, NZ is just south of Australia but is a separate nation, and is a developed OECD country. This in itself is a surprise because often such hair-brained schemes are located in dodgey places that you don't have a chance of following up legally. NZ is not like this, it is a very solid country. So after reading the Terms and Conditions I was ready to go to the next step.

I was disappointed to find that you have to sign up with ipowerweb in order to join this program officially. Ipowerweb apparently has a bad rep on the web and at this stage my skepticism elevated immensely! For some reason I still continued with the process and paid my money for a years hosting from ipowerweb knowing that the program refunds a large percentage of that fee (approximately 95%). Therefore it was effectively costing me less than $10 for a years hosting, sweet deal. Once all that is complete you send a confirmation letter to Affiliate Junktion and they send you your website and affiliate login etc.

Personally the affiliate area is very basic, but EXTREMELY useful...I was pleasantly surprised to find some extremely useful tools included for free. Some of the tools are sold separately for 40 bucks a pop such as Brad Callen's work. Also the instructions for setting up your website and beginning to earn profits is so simple it's criminal!

Anyone could follow them, even a complete technological retard. So I followed the instructions down to the t, just to see whether I would actually earn money with this program. Well blow me down, I started selling immediately. The way I'm heading at the moment I won't be needing the guarantee as I am selling far more than I'm spending on advertising....What a miracle!!

So overall I would call the Programme a success. This is absolutely perfect for a beginner affiliate advertiser, and if you need a hosting account you get a free one for a year. In fact at this moment ipowerweb have a sale on so you will actually make money from setting up your hosting account with them.

So to sum up, this is some serious product confidence, not a scam. If you're a beginner and wanting to get into affiliate advertising, this is perfect for you. This in my opinion will be the revolution of affiliate marketing, guaranteed income? You can't beat that....

For more information check out my website www.e-piphany.co.nz This website is the free template that gets provided by Affiliate Junktion upon signing up.

And don't forget to sign-up FREE here to start earning $150 per day, guaranteed.

Source: www.isnare.com