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Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Techniques Are Mostly Free

Many of the top 10 affiliate marketing methods that are the most effective are free. This should really encourage people who have just recently started out in affiliate marketing as it is proof that to climb to the very top 10 in affiliate marketing one does not require a huge investment. Rather a clear plan, some little creativity and lots of hard work can really work magic for any would be affiliate marketing top 10 star.

One of the most effective top 10 affiliate marketing methods is articles marketing which is mostly free especially for people who have some basic writing skills. Articles posted at leading article directories and sites as well as one's own site are much more effective than having thousands of mini sites with links pointed to a main web sites.

To start with the better articles and mostly your top 10 affiliate marketing articles can easily turn viral and end up being re-posted in dozens and even hundreds of other sites. The end result is that what started off as a single article posted in one or two leading article directories can end up in thousands of other sites across the World Wide Web.

No other top 10 affiliate marketing method is capable of generating and directing such targeted traffic to your affiliate marketing site.

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Source: www.articlesbase.com