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Affiliate Marketing - What Do You Mean By High Converting Affiliate Programs

A high converting affiliate programs are programs that have a very high ratio of sales compare to the number of visits that the website have. For example, if the website got 100 people visiting it and there is one sale, the website’s conversion is 1%.

It will of course be better if for every 100 people, there are 10 sales which will means that the conversion is higher and you earn more commissions. You have to know that conversion is really all about how much work that you have to put in to get the commissions.

For example, you pay $5 on a pay per click advertising campaign and you are able to generate 200 visitors to the merchant’s website which claims to have a 30% conversion. If the merchant is selling the product for $57 and you will get a 75% commission for every sale, the number will look like this:

200 Visitors at 30% will be equal to 60sales. For every sale you make, you will make a commission of 75% on $57 = $42.75. Total sales that you will have are $42.75 multiply by 60 which will be a total of $2565. You will make a net profit of $2565-$5 = $2560.

Imagine how much different it will make to your income if you are able to choose a affiliate program that has high conversion. Since you will be putting in the same effort, why not choose one that has got higher conversion so that you will be able to earn more.

This are the reason why you must choose programs with high conversion rate and it will also be good if you can find one affiliate programs that offers high commission percentage as well.

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