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Affiliate Marketing- Do You Need A Big List To Start Affiliate Marketing?

Do I need a big list before I can start affiliate marketing? This is the question that most new affiliates will have before they even start affiliate marketing. The answer to the question is definitely a no. This article will explains why you do not need a big list to start affiliate marketing.

The thing that you have to take note of is that although you do not need a big list to start affiliate marketing, you do have to start building your own list from scratch to have your own long term business.

If you are a newbie affiliates, it is impossible for you to have a big list because you have not even started doing affiliate marketing. Unless you go and buy a list, it is impossible to have a big list before starting affiliate marketing. Buying list is not recommendable as most of the leads will not be targeted. You will only be wasting your own time and money.

What you do need to start affiliate marketing is actually your time, effort and a little of investment from you. Having your own list will be important as you will be able to leverage and you will make sure that the marketing effort will not only be a one time effort.

For example, if you have a responsive list of 300, you will be able to promote straight away a new affiliate product to 300 people. But if you do not have a list, you will have to do a lot of hard work to promote the products to 300 people. If there is a second campaign and you still do not have a list, you will have to do the work all over again. This is definitely not a smart move as there is no leverage.

In conclusion, you do not need a big list before you start affiliate marketing. What you do need is to put in your time, effort and money to build and grow your business. If you are persistent enough, take consistent action, be daring towards making mistakes and learning from mistakes, you will be able to achieve your own affiliate success.

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