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Affiliate Marketing- Why A 2 Tier Affiliate Program Is The Best

When you want to join an affiliate program, you will have to know whether you are joining a 1 tier or 2 tier affiliate programs. So what is the difference between these 2 programs?

For 1 tier affiliate programs, you earn commissions for any sales that you make. This is the end of it. You will not be able to earn any more future income from the same affiliate programs.

For 2 tier affiliate programs, you as an affiliate will be able to recruit more affiliates to become your sub-affiliates. You will earn commissions for every sale that your sub-affiliates make. For example your sub-affiliate has made a sale and he will get 40% commissions and you will get 10% in commissions for every sale that your sub-affiliates make. Even after you have made the first sales, you will still be able to leverage on your sub-affiliates to earn additional income for you.

This will be very profitable for the affiliate as he will be able to recruit his own army of sub-affiliates which will be helping him to earn commissions without any efforts being done by him except for the part when he has to recruit his sub-affiliates.

So if you join a 2 tier affiliate program that is recurring in nature like a membership sites etc, you will be able to earn a nice passive income monthly. Your sub-affiliates will do all the work and you will be paid monthly for just one time effort from you to recruit your army of sub-affiliates. That will be the reasons why a 2 tier affiliate program is actually better than a 1 tier affiliate program.

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